JAĆWING GRANIT company has been operating in the stone industry since 1996. High standards are ensured by a well-coordinated and qualified team, technology and a constantly expanding range of services.

Our motto is: “We Care About Our Clients’ Satisfaction”. To achieve that, many conditions must be met. We believe that the most important of them are: high quality at a reasonable price, punctuality and the above-mentioned satisfaction with the fact of having something special.

Jaćwing Granit - granite counter-top


We provide high quality stone services. We treat every single client individually – that is why our company enjoys great interest.

We make monuments, stairs, window sills, fireplaces (also portals), kitchen and bathroom counter-tops, floors, reception desks, bar counters, tables, terraces, kitchen islands, facades, pool edges, stone door portals, self-supporting stone stairs, stone sinks with a linear drain and other projects.


Jaćwing Granit

Our company was established in 1996. In the first half of the first millennium B.C. the people of the Dnieper basin, ethnically identified with the Balts, came to the future lands of Suwałki and Masuria. They gave rise to the Yotvingians (Jaćwing), Prussians, Latvians and Lithuanians.
JAĆWING GRANIT with its name refers to the brave Jaćwing (Yotvingian) people, who between the seventh and twelveth centuries inhabited the area of today’s Suwałki region, the eastern part of Masuria and a large part of Lithuania.
The Yotvingians were distinguished by high craftsmanship in handicraft and took part in extensive trade with the Roman Empire. They used stone, among other things, to build their characteristic strongholds, where the entire population of nearby settlements sheltered to protect themselves.